Why you should fly with Lift airline

Why you should fly with Lift airline

I recently flew with Lift Airlines for the very first time from Capetown to Johannesburg, and I must say, what a smooth flight it was. Having traveled with a lot of local airlines, I was more than happy to discover that Lift offers complimentary drinks and snacks, I have never been on a local flight that offers complimentary drinks before!!

The airline was established in December 2022, and the name ‘Lift’ was chosen by us the public after the public was invited to name the airline in a social media campaign. I mean how cool is that?



-The only South African airline that allows you to fly with your dog, how amazing is that?

-Complimentary snacks and drinks including wine and Gin.

-They are always on time.

-Fast check-in process, no queues.

-Flights can be changed multiple times or canceled to a credit into your LIFT wallet. Changes made 24 hours or more in advance‚ come at no additional fees or penalties. If the fare for your newly selected flight is higher‚ you’ll just need to pay the difference. If it’s lower‚ we’ll credit you. It is also easy to change travelers’ details. 

-If you arrive early for your flight‚ you have the option of checking in earlier to see if they have an earlier flight that has availability, in this way you don’t have to sit for hours at the airport waiting for your flight to arrive, the change will be hassle-free. 

I normally have problems with blocked nose and ears when planes take off and land on both trips, this did not happen, the take-offs were so smooth and the landings as well.

Lift Airlines currently only flies to 2 destinations, which are, Capetown and Johannesburg.

Would I recommend flying with Lift airlines?  I 100% do, this new airline is taking South Africa by storm, and trust me you need to experience it yourself. Their premium sits has one of the most amazing meals, it feels like you are in a hotel.

Have you flown with this airline before? If so how was your experience with them? please share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.

6 Comments to “Why you should fly with Lift airline”

  1. Avela says:

    Am so informed now

    1. Elizoluxe says:

      IM glad babe, hopefully you get to experience flying with them too:)

  2. Nontsi Gumede says:

    I must agree what stood out for me with Lift was the complimentary snacks and premium fittings in the plane. Love the black leather chairs! There is another flight trying to copy this complimentary snack initiative but I definitely had a better experience with Lift.

    1. Elizoluxe says:

      I’m with you on that one, they offer a top-tier experience, and the black leather sits are everything, I’m glad you enjoyed your flight with them:)

  3. L_Gosto says:

    I honestly was not aware that there’s a new local airline.Sure I I’ve heard about lift but not in greater detail.Such information will make me choose lift as an airline of choice going forward,given all that is there to offer.Veery nice:-)

    1. Elizoluxe says:

      Ooh yes, it’s taking the country by storm!! I can’t wait until you fly with them, you won’t want to fly with any other airline after:)

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