Why did i switch gears to African Bank?

Why did i switch gears to African Bank?

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of saving more money than I spend. I know you might not believe me, but I always make sure I save my money. Lately I’v been very unhappy with the bank Im with, from their poor service to a lot of unexplainable extra monthly charges to rude consultants. So it was safe to say, it was high time I switched gears. After extensive research, I was happy to find a bank that will save me money without me compromising on my current lifestyle.

My experience with African Bank, was a great one, in fact, one of the best iv had with any bank iv been with. The staff was really friendly and very knowledgeable, every question I had, they had an answer for it, most importantly, there was no QUEUE!! Do you know how happy that makes me feel knowing that I can go to a bank and be assisted right away? Besides me loving what the bank stands for, they get to SAVE me money.

-This is how:

-Zero fee accounts.

-Free swipes when you purchase with your card ( now you see where the saving money part comes in?)

-After swiping your card 10 times, you receive a R150 voucher to spend however you want to.

-As a frequent traveler, I know how expensive it is to swipe your card overseas, hence I always make sure I travel with Euros or Dollars, but guess what?? With African Bank, you can swipe for FREE!!

-You can also link up to 6 people on your account.

It is safe to say it is going to be a summer to remember, with all the things I will be purchasing with my bank card, starting off with an amazing day of horseback riding at the beach, and ending it with lunch at one of my fav restaurants by the beach. Make sure to check out African Bank on www.africanbank.co.za and make sure you follow them on Instagram african_bank



Is your bank saving you money this festive season? Have you considered changing banks? Let me know by commenting down below. 

4 Comments to “Why did i switch gears to African Bank?”

  1. Patricia Laloyo says:

    My bank is charging me for costs I don’t even understand. I will definitely go for a consultation at African Bank and hopefully I can start a new more transparent and satisfying banking journey.

    1. ElizoLuxe says:

      I can relate, same reason I left my previous bank, I highly recommend African Bank, you will definitely be happy with them.

  2. Philani Zama says:

    I actually didn’t even know that African bank had transactional accounts. I thought they are just about loans, but I will surely pop on for more of their products.

    Thanks for the heads-up

    1. ElizoLuxe says:

      Yes, many people didn’t know as well, happy banking:)

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