Treat yourself at Deluxe Spa this winter

Treat yourself at Deluxe Spa this winter

I recently got invited to experience one of the most amazing massages iv ever experienced. Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel and Spa invited me to try out the Psammotherapy while cocooned in warm gold quartz. Deluxe Spa is the first spa to offer this amazing treatment in Southern Africa

Remember the last time you were at the beach, basking in the golden afternoon sun as you wiggled your toes in the sand? When you closed your eyes and drew in a long, deep breath, and exhaled all your troubles away? Somehow, in the comforting warmth of the shore, you could feel every tense muscle in your body completely relax and your mind followed suit.

As it turns out, this physical and mental sensation isn’t exclusive to stressed-out urbanites attempting to unwind on a beach holiday – Ancient Greeks discovered the soothing powers of sun-heated sand hundreds of years ago, using hot sand baths as a way to treat rheumatic, arthritic and respiratory conditions. 

Today, the traditional thermal treatment known as Psammotherapy (Psammo is Greek for sand) or hot sand therapy is still practiced in countries such as Italy, Morocco, and Egypt – and, at long last, has finally arrived on our regional shores. deluxelaserspa at cloud9hotel in Cape Town is now the first and only spa to introduce Psammotherapy to Southern Africa. Having refined, enhanced, and elevated the treatment to offer an indulgent experience alongside its purported health benefits.

The 90-minute GOLD QUARTZ signature treatment is a transformative journey that brings you to balance through vibrations of singing bowls and restores a harmonious flow of energy and vitality. Being cocooned in warm, alpha quartz sand you will experience an invigorating herbal poultices massage to ease muscle pain, stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxify the body. The bed has a built-in undulating massage component, to gently knead the back and neck while your therapist massages you, for a unique 360° massage experience. Your gold and healing journey ends with marma point face therapy to leave you fully regenerated, rebalanced and radiant.  

What I also like about this treatment is that it can be tailor-made to your needs, if you like soft massages, you can opt for that option, and if you like hard massages as I do, you can also have it that way. Please click the link below to watch the video of how the treatment is performed. This is a must-try treatment this winter and I’m very excited for you all to try it. Thank you to Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel for this amazing experience.


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