The number 1 skincare range that will give you results

The number 1 skincare range that will give you results

I recently received by far my favorite skincare range from nuxe. For some of you that don’t know the brand, it is founded in France over 20 years ago by Aliza Jabès. Their products are powered by science and nature. I have tried all their skincare range and I love them all as they are natural and vegan which is great as they cater to everyone, but I have to pick a favorite right?. Their latest Merveillance LIFT range is the BEST range Iv ever used and it should be yours too!

Let us start off with the packaging, I don’t know about you but I’m a very visual person, if it doesn’t look good, I don’t bother purchasing it. the Merveillance LIFT range has a fancy deep red glass packaging with sliver lids, it just screams soft life and luxury. Don’t even get me started with the smell!! as you know, smell has a strong link to emotion, products need to have the smell that makes the shopper spend, and this range has just that.

 “These products are real sensorial treasures with their amazing active textures and irresistible scent, A subtle boutique of Freesia and Magnoli on a base of white mask”. The range is good for anyone that wants skin tightening and to combat the signs of aging. The range has 5 anti-aging products infused with a micro-algae oil. it is vegan, silicone-free, and contains 96% natural origin ingredients. Here is a list of what I received:

1- Firming Activating Oil-Serum

The texture is very smooth and light in consistency, I like the fact that it doesn’t leave the skin shiny, and most importantly it is not heavy on the skin, all you need is 3 drops. I use mine at night before I apply my night cream.

2-Firming Powdery Cream

This cream is a game-changer, it has a velvety texture to it and it’s light in consistency and yet does a great job of hydrating the skin, I can feel my skin breathe while having it on and it gives a flawless finish. Don’t get me started on the smell!! I literally feel like eating it all the time I use it lol. This cream s suitable for normal to combination skin, and my skin type is a combination skin type.

3- Lift Eye Cream

Two nights ago I went out partying until the early hours, so you can imagine how my eyes looked the next morning, my under-eye area was so tired, puffy, and had dehydration lines. I used this eye cream, and I was amazed by the results, as the dehydration lines instantly faded away, the texture is light as well, which is good as it isn’t heavy for the delicate under-eye area.

4- Concentrated Night Cream

I think this is the holy grail of all anti-aging night creams, it has medium coverage, which I like because it is not too thick and heavy for my skin, remember your skin still needs to breathe while you are sleeping, always opt for a cream that is not too heavy. When you wake up in the morning your skin feels and looks smooth, plump, and soft.

To sum it all up, this range is suitable for anyone who wants to delay the signs of aging, I feel like even a 25-year-old or a 60-year-old can benefit greatly from this range. I have been using it now for 3 weeks and my skin is loving the products. I have also noticed that the range helps with dehydration as well, it is my biggest concern during winter.

Their products are available online, and in stores like Woolworths, Truworths, Foschini, and

Have you ever used Nuxe products? if so are you happy with the results? please comment down below.

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