Why you must visit Leopard Valley Eco Retreat

Why you must visit Leopard Valley Eco Retreat

I recently got invited to Leopard Valley Eco Retreat which has 3 beautiful cabins to choose from and let me tell you, this place is a MUST visit if you want time off from the busy city life. It is nestled between mountains and surrounded by nature, it is literally the perfect place to unwind, relax and switch off. It is located between Citrusdal and Clanwilliam, which makes it a 2hr 5mins drive, which is really not far from Capetown.

Leopard Valley Eco Retreat is a self-catering lodge, which means you have to bring and prepare your own meals, which I find great as you can bring food that you enjoy and prepare it how you want. It is also the perfect place to enjoy with a partner, friend, or even family because it is child and pet friendly.

Why you must visit Leopard Valley Eco Retreat:

1- Close to the Capetown.

2- It offers impeccable views.

3- Self-catering.

4- It has the most beautiful outdoor bathtub and shower.

5- It has a gas fireplace which is really hot for cold nights.

6- Brai stand, so you grill your meat.

7- An equipped kitchen, without a microwave, but all cutlery included.

8- You can go for walks or a hike.

9- It has a beautiful pool.

10- Wifi

My friend and I prepared very delicious healthy meals, as we had planned for the trip to be a body and mind cleanse. Every morning you wake up to beautiful sounds of nature which prefer more than fast cars moving in the city. I would wake up, drink my juice or tea, do yoga or take walks exploring the place, don’t worry it is really safe:) If you are an explorer like me, make sure you pack your hiking boots and comfortable hiking/ sports gear. 

The highlight of this trip was me having my first ever outdoor bath, it was such an amazing experience, which everyone must try at least once, in their lifetime, I also enjoyed the outdoor shower as well, to cool off as the weather was really hot when we were there.

Have you ever had an outdoor bath or shower before? is it something you would like to try?

Thank you leopard_valley_eco_retreat for this amazing experience.

The journey was so smooth and comfortable as Ford sponsored us with their latest Everest Sport. It is a big car, however, it saves a lot of fuel our trip was a 2hr drive to go and back, and we came back with just below half a tank, I mean who doesn’t love a car that saves fuel? and I also love how spacious the boot is, you can literally fit anything in it, as girls pack everything for a 2 days trip. It is also a spacious car inside, with comfortable sits. It would be a great family car.

Thank you also to fordsouthafrica for sponsoring me with this beautiful beast, I really enjoyed and loved driving it.

Click links below to watch the videos of the car.




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