Why you should stay at the Mount Nelson hotel

Why you should stay at the Mount Nelson hotel

Situated in the heart of Capetown, Mount Nelson is the perfect luxury escape for a staycation or vacation either with friends, family, or a loved one. My friend and I recently spent the night at this renowned hotel and it was worth writing about. Upon arrival we were welcomed by friendly staff, who offered us champagne, now if you know me, you will know how much I love bubbly, by this time I was already impressed and very excited to get checked in.

The hotel has 198 rooms and 8 cottages, so it’s safe to say it is a big hotel but it didn’t feel like it as it is a cozy oasis. We stayed in one of the cottages with our own private garden, and a huge heated pool close by our cottage.The Mount Nelson hotel has 2 separate pools, which I loved as guests don’t have to use 1 pool for such a big hotel.

Things you can do at Mount Nelson:

1- Enjoy a delicious high tea- it was my first time having their high tea and let me just say, ill be coming back again!! they had a selection of exotic teas and the best scones iv tasted. They also had a selection of delicious cakes which I finished all, they were worth the calorie gains haha.

2-Have a relaxing spa day- they recently just opened and you can enjoy a variety of treatments like facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures.

3- Picnics- they recently just launched picnics in the garden and by the pool, which is great as guests can get to choose their preference according to what they are in the mood for.

4-Sunday brunch-this will be offered on the 19th February at 11:30 am, it will be their first fabulous jazz brunch with unlimited bubbly, I mean hello!! I’ll definitely be there! and you know what the icing on top is? you can bring your children with you and they can be entertained at the children’s center, now you don’t have an excuse not to come.


Do you have no plans for valentines day? don’t worry they have got you covered!! Treat you and your partner for a weekend of pure bliss, you can wine and dine in pure luxury, you can start off from the Planet bar where you can enjoy some succulent oysters with Moet & Chandon or caviar washed down with Dom Perignon or Vodka, all these treats are available from the 11-14th February. You can also enjoy some live music on the outdoor terrace.

On Valentine’s day you can enjoy an irresistible dinner with an exotic menu, or a sunset picnic if you are not keen on a more serious setting, this will include a glass of bubbly.

Why should you stay at Mount Nelson?

-It is child-friendly, meaning you can bring your entire family, without leaving your children behind.

-It is centrally located, meaning you are close to the historic places, malls, Table mountain, and the beach, everything is walking distance away or an Uber away, I don’t know about you but I love staying at hotels that are close by everything I need.

-Winston Churchill, Sting, John Lennon, Dalai Llama, Colin Farrell, Micheal Buble, Shaggy, and Sean Penn have stayed at this hotel, I always prefer staying at hotels where celebrities have stayed because it means they have exceptional standards. if you are into history, you will enjoy learning about the history of the hotel.

My overall experience was a great one, from location, service, beautiful rooms, heated pool, high tea, and the food.

Do you see yourself booking your next vacation or staycation here? or will you be visiting them for the other services they offer? Please comment down below.

2 Comments to “Why you should stay at the Mount Nelson hotel”

  1. Philani says:

    Thanks for making me re live Mount Nelson, it’s been a while since Iv been there. Still think they have the best massage and high tea.

    I think it’s time one revisits!

    1. ElizoLuxe says:

      It is one of my favourite hotels in Capetown, you should try their picnics or high tea next time you go. I haven’t tried their massages yet, however their facials are heavenly:)

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