Lapetit Chef 3D Dinner Experience takes Capetown By Storm

Lapetit Chef 3D Dinner Experience takes Capetown By Storm

A few days ago I got invited to one of the best dinners iv ever been to, and I can’t stop raving about it to everyone. Have you heard of LaPetit Chef? Well, LaPetit Chef is the smallest chef in the world offering the best fine dining experience ie ever experienced, and let me tell you, I’m a foodie and I always eat the best, but nothing compares to the experience I had with this mouth-watering six-course meal.


The dinner was held at the 15 On Orange hotel in Gardens Capetown with host chef Lloyd Thipe who made the night the great experience it was. My friend and I arrived and were welcomed by the friendliest staff, and arrival drinks. The dinner started on time which was very impressive to me, our table was set with books with empty pages inside, so I was quite intrigued by this. The book cover was written ‘Dinner Time Stories’

Now the fun begins..what was in this ’empty’ book you may ask, an unparalleled 3D dinner complimented by a gastronomic experience, this experience was inspired by Marco polo’s legendary travels. The local story is built off the tail of a South African who runs into LaPetit Chef while in France and later brings him with him to Capetown. During the two-hour culinary experience, we got to watch his fun journey at our table, by this time I was so surprised and impressed and eager to see more of what the smallest chef in the world had to offer. He took us on an amazing food journey, from India to Arabia to Asia. The story behind each course is brought to life through cutting-edge projection. The dinner experience was one that tempered all my sensory nerves. Let me tell you, this dinner is unlike any other dinner you will ever experience. 

From a multicultural menu and the use of the 3D technology, here are the reasons why YOU should experience it:

1-You get to experience a variety of food from different continents.

2-Life performances during the dinner, we had Indian and Asian-inspired dancers entertaining us.

3-Dinner came with wine pairing, I mean how can you experience an amazing dinner without drinks? we thank Steenburg wines for blessing us with the great wine.

4-They cater to everyone’s food choices, I’m a pescatarian, so that was the option I was given, so no one feels excluded.

5-This experience is also suitable for children, so nothin g stops you from bringing the entire family.

LaPetit Chef will be visiting Johannesburg for the month of July, and make sure not to miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Would I recommend this experience? 100% YES!! if you are a foodie or someone that just loves experiencing new things, make sure to purchase your ticket before they are sold out.

Please click the links below to watch the videos. A huge thank you to LaPetit Chef SA for the invite and the amazing experience.

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