De Hoop Nature Reserve

If you are looking for a little getaway with your partner,friends or family, De hoop is the place to visit. I fell in love with this oasis the moment I set foot on it, it is nestled between a river and the sea which means u get impeccable views!!
Reasons to visit?
10 different activities to choose from,my favorites were:
1. visiting the protected marine life, I learned so much about the under water world.
2. Cycling, we had a great 16km cycle in the morning and it was amazing.
3. The pool was soo aesthetically pleasing, if you love taking pics I highly recommend taking them by the pool overlooking the river. It gave me Santorini vibes🤣
4. Game drive, I saw different kinds of animals like earlands to name a few.
5. Vulture colony, where we got to watch a lot of vultures flying high in the sky.

Ooh and if you are a wine lover like me, the owner William has one of the most incredible wine cellars Iv ever seen!!

Elizoluxe at DeHoop

They are covid compliance so you cannot come into the property without a screening and mask on, also in your room you get a complimentary hand sanitizer and lip balm.

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