My Foreo Luna 3 facial cleansing brush: Is it worth it?

My Foreo Luna 3 facial cleansing brush: Is it worth it?

Recently I received the best cleansing brush by Foreo called Luna 3, I was also gifted with the Foreo serum. I have always wanted to try this device for years, Why you may ask, firstly I was intrigued by its concept, shape, and vibrant colors. For me to purchase or use anything, it has to be appealing, either by smell or by color. 

Foreo is a brand that started in Sweden, they are the first company in the world to come up with a soft silicone facial cleansing brush.

Luna 3 cleansing brush comes in 3 different colors, and these colors are categorized by different skin types. My skin type is combination skin and the Luna color is blue, they also have a pink color which is for normal skin, purple for sensitive skin, and black color which is suitable for men.

A little history about my skin, I have combination skin type, dark spots, and rough and uneven texture, and all these conditions drive me crazy!! haha. My biggest concern at the moment is the unevenness and rough texture. I am very good with my skincare regime and I go for monthly facials, however, the rough texture was still a concern, and I really hadn’t found a solution for it, well this was before using the Luna 3 brush.

Reasons why I love the Luna 3 cleansing brush:

I started using the Luna 3 brush this past weekend, I am obsessed already, the brush is soft yet effective, I prefer using it because it gives that deep cleansing effect that our hands cant give. 

-It is waterproof, which means you can use it while in the shower.

-I charged it once when I received it, and use it twice a day, the battery is still full.

-I love the fact that it is tailor made to my skin type.

-It pulsates while using it, giving you the feeling that you are getting a massage at the same time.

-It is easy to use, literally a child can use it without any problems.

-It also has a massaging side, which I really like.

I also received a serum, I use it twice a day, morning and night and it leaves my skin feeling so soft, it is thick in consistency which I like because I find it hydrates my skin better than a watery consistency, it also gets absorbed in the skin really fast. 

Now answering the question on my heading, is the Luna 3 cleansing brush worth it? YES, it  DEFINATELY is, my skin feels so smooth and brighter now, of course, I just started using it, but I’m loving the results already, my skin doesn’t feel as rough as it did before incorporating it into my skincare regime.

Besides purchasing it on their website, can also purchase it @arcstoreofficial, @takealotcom, @superbalist if you are in South Africa 

Do you see yourself encorporating the Luna 3 into your skincare regime?

Please let me know on the comments below.

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